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Spotlight On: Roger Morris

For the next feature of our spotlight series, we are proud to highlight a newer member, who has become a fast favorite: Roger Morris!

Name: Roger Morris

Occupation: Retired ("I'm a bum!")

Time with StageCo: A little over a year

Roger is an actor in our group, and has also helped with set construction. He learned how to apply his own makeup when he joined us, a skill most men cannot claim! This is a guy who not only keeps everyone laughing, and but is warm and endearing to everyone he meets. All of us here at The Stage Company cherish his kindness, creativity, and dedication in everything he does.

A snapshot of Roger's resumé:

A Seussified Christmas Carol- Bob Cratchit

12 Angry Men- Juror #10

The Odd Couple- Murray

A Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas- Pa Ingalls

**Roger will perform again this March as David in Rehearsal for Murder.**

Q: What do you enjoy most about being part of Stage Company?

A: I love the camaraderie!

Q: What are some of the challenges of community theatre?

A: Maybe my age is showing, but the memorization is probably the biggest challenge.

Q: Do you have any memorable moments from your time on stage thus far?

A: During A Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas, I tried to perfect the art of walking on air. I was super confident, so during a performance, I stepped off the stage into nothingness... gravity won!

Q: What are some roles or positions you would like to try in the future with the Stage Company? A: I would love to see The Stage Company produce Jesus Christ Superstar!


And now, a special feature penned by Roger himself, inspired by his experiences onstage (and an on-going gag with his "stage wife," Angie). Can YOU name each show based on his references? (Hint: Use his resumé above to help you!)

My Life According to The Stage Company

by Roger Morris

It all started out long ago in a make-believe land. I found myself working in a nowhere job with an overbearing boss. At the time, I was married to a wonderful woman who wanted nothing more than to please her timid, spineless husband and 7 children. But, she wanted more from me. She was a strong-willed and independent woman, so she eventually took her children and left to make a life of her own. After her departure, I finally began asserting himself. I turned my life around, and became very opinionated and assertive. I didn't know how to use this newfound strength, and actually channeled it into a hateful, bigoted demeanor.

I mistakenly thought that I could impress my estranged wife by showing her what a 'man' I was by shouting, shoving, threatening and belittling women, old men and minorities. She was not impressed. I simply made himself look horrible, and I soon realized that I had become a hateful, mean, vociferous bigot. It was time for another change.

I knew he must become a more compassionate man. So, I studied, applied himself and became a police officer. I was changing. It seemed to be an odd thing, but I had developed some new friends. I quickly became the more reasonable, calm one of a small group who would get together and play cards on a weekly basis. I also had an odd couple of friends who had problems with their women. I learned much from them. I had finally began to develop into the kind of man that my woman could love.

We eventually got back together. Our children had grown up. We decided to start over and began having children again. We moved out west, simplified our lives by becoming minimalists, and lived as farmers. We ended up having 3 cute and wonderful girls and a baby boy. Life was great!

Tragedy struck; the baby boy got sick and died. This devastated my wife, and she became depressed. We had to move back east and live in town after a plague of grasshoppers destroyed our crops. I persevered and kept his children happy. Eventually, we were expecting a new little one, my wife came out of her depression, and we moved west again. Life was beginning to look up.

Stories do evolve though. I know you all must wonder how it all will end. Will we live happily ever after? Will the rest of our lives be drama-free? Or, are there even more mysteries headed our way? Is it possible that everything may turn sour? Might something as terrible as murder be lying in wait in our continuing saga?


Were you able to follow along? Another thing we love about Roger is his ability to tell a good story. Thank you for weaving your roles together to create this story, Roger!

That's all for now. Check back in with us soon to catch our next member spotlight!

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