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Spotlight On: David Smith

When we began plans for our new and improved website for the Stage Company, we wanted a way to give our public a reason to keep checking in with us. Additionally, we wanted to be able to grow our audience. This might be why we're enjoying the blog feature so much, and most especially, our Member Spotlight series. Not only are we able to brag on our players and crew, but we're able to do it while sharing the wonderful things about them with our community. We hope you're loving the blog, and our spotlights, as much as we are!

And now, on with the show! Today's post features a newbie, David Smith!

Name: David Smith

Occupation: Dominos Pizza

Time with StageCo: 6 months

This is David's first season with the Stage Company, and we're pleased to have added him into the ranks of our membership! By the time our 2018-2019 Season concludes, David's excitement and love of acting will have earned him a place in three (out of four) of our productions!

This season's credits:

The Odd Couple- Vinnie

Rehearsal for Murder- Alex*

South Pacific- Seabee Luther Billis**

(*We'll see his turn as Alex in Rehearsal for Murder in March, just a month away!) (**David will make his musical debut as Luther Billis in our summer musical, South Pacific, in June.)

And now, a brief interview:

Q: What do you enjoy most about being part of Stage Company?

A: I love the opportunity to perform in front of an audience and entertain the masses.

Q: Do you have any favorite Stage Company memories?

A: Well, an obvious answer would be my cold compress performance in The Odd Couple ("COLD COMPRESS! SOMEBODY GET HIM A COLD COMPRESS!"), but I think I have to go with the loaded BLT that Jenni (our stage manager) made me for that show.

Q: What are some of the challenges of community theatre?

A: The very second before the curtain open. It's funny because it's the challenging part, but it's also the best part. The butterflies are the best feeling in the world.

Q: What are some roles or positions you would like to try in the future with the Stage Company? A: Oh...good question! Well, I would love to play Edna Turnblad (the mom) from Hairspray, but other than that, I would enjoy any role that will cause a good laugh.

That's a wrap on this week's spotlight...stay tuned for next week's edition!

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