Audition Announcement

Auditions for "The Good Doctor" by Neil Simon will take place Thursday & Friday, November 4 & 5, at Smart Space (1901 Sunset Drive, second floor) @6:30pm. Use the black door at the rear of the building (past the fence) to enter. Audition forms can be downloaded & printed on our website (


"The Good Doctor" is comprised of several "scenes," connected by the character of The Writer, who takes the audience through his latest stories. Several opportunities exist for both men and women, ages 16 and up. Scenes range from extremely comical to poignant and touching, requiring flexibility from all actors involved.


Act One Scenes:

"The Sneeze" (2M, 2W) - a government clerk suffers a nervous breakdown after sneezing on his boss

"The Governess" (2W) - a mother attempts to cheat her children's governess out of her wages

"Surgery" (2M) - an over-zealous dentist apprentice terrifies his patient, a poor sexton with a toothache

"Too Late for Happiness" (1M, 1W *Musical Number*) - an elderly man and woman contemplate if it's too late to find love

"The Seduction" (2M, 1W) - a renowned seducer of women sets his sights on a friend's wife


Act Two Scenes:

"The Audition" (1M, 1W) - a young woman auditions for The Writer himself

"The Drowned Man" (4M) - a con-artist pretends to drown himself for money

"A Defenseless Creature" (2M, 1W) - a woman with a nervous disorder harasses a banker for her husband's wages

"The Arrangement" (2M, 1W) - a father takes his son to a brothel to make him a man

"A Quiet War" (2M) - two retired military commanders meet in the park everyday to argue

Ensemble Members Needed


Thank you to everyone who auditioned for "Jesus Christ Superstar!" All principal and featured roles have been cast. 

We are STILL looking to add more members to our amazing ensemble! If you are interested in joining this amazing corps of performers, please stop by a music rehearsal for more information. 

Music Rehearsals are Mondays & Thursdays at 6:30pm in the Smart Space training room. Use the rear entrance (black door).

Smart Space address: 

1901 Sunset Drive

Poplar Bluff, MO 63901