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Spotlight On: Jenni Urich

Jenni is truly special to The Stage Company, as she is one of the precious few who have grown up with the the group! Beginning as a child actress, Jenni has been with The Stage Company through thick and thin, and continues to remain active with us. With her unique perspective of growing up in StageCo, she brings an abundance of memories, stories, and experience. Of course, her talents don't end ON the stage...she has plenty of experience and skill OFF stage as well, having served the company as a stage manager, crew member, techie, and assistant director, AND having taken part on set construction and hair/makeup teams.

Name: Jennifer Urich

Occupation: Meat professional & Hairstylist

Time with StageCo: 14 years

Though she was young, Jenni packed in experience beyond her years as a child actress:

The Miracle Worker- Helen Keller

Our Town- Rebecca Gibbs

Wait Until Dark- Gloria

1776- Caesar Rodney

The Littlest Angel- Susie

Her talents carried on into adulthood with roles like:

Little Women- Beth

Drinking Habits- Sister Mary Catherine

You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown- Peppermint Patty

12 Angry Men- Juror #7

(*We'll see her onstage again in March 2019 as Karen, an ingenue , in Rehearsal for Murder!)

And now, a brief interview:

Q: What do you enjoy most about being part of Stage Company?

A: Spending time with other people who share my passion.

Q: Why did you decided to join us?

A: I joined because I've always loved acting.

Q: Do you have any favorite Stage Company memories?

A: I LOVED all of 1776. It was my favorite show I've ever done; I hated to see it end.

Drinking Habits had a lot of fun moments, but I'll never forget all of the pictures falling off the wall during the infamous chase scene!

Q: What are some of the challenges of community theatre?

A: As a stage manager, organization is KEY. As an actor, keeping your nerves in check can be difficult.

Q: What are some roles or positions you would like to try in the future with the Stage Company? A: I'd like to return to Our Town to play Emily, and to 1776 to play Martha Jefferson. I would also love to portray Olive Ostrosky in 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee!

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